Wednesday, 28 January 2015

From dim to bright

Waking up this morning, twenty - four hours are before me. Twenty four hours, to do all the things that inspire me, to play music, to write, to work, to eat, to sleep - the list is endless. Each day we face a new challenge. We find ourselves running after something - but what would happen if we stopped, took a breath and realized that everything we've been running after is already here, within?

All we need is the intention to slow down, give ourselves a break, a moment of stillness, to listen to what our body and soul needs. Change grows from dim to bright and if you have the courage to change then you have the courage to succeed. Like everything, it takes time - so be patient and thankful for each small step you make.

As we grow up the time that lies ahead is full of expectations, it's only as time progresses that we must learn to navigate a road that is full of obstacles, bumps and detours. This road is far more interesting, but it's also scarier and unpredictable. Sometimes it just takes a giant leap of faith and leaving the comfort zone to succeed. Once again, being brave is the key. We can be comfortable and cozy in our present situation but is that enough? Is that what truly makes us happy? If the answer is no, then we need to take the leap and change.

It is hard to move on from certain things, to get rid of a burden. I personally find myself dwelling on things that have happened in the past, to look for a different ending or answer, the never ending 'what if...', but what is the point of that?

Take the risk and remove yourself from these thoughts, leave the past to the past and only take with you what it has taught you. Follow a new path and if you get lost, you can always find your way back. You are free to run, to breathe, to dance, to sing, to dream and to love. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Activating the present

Take today, as the day to bring dreams, intentions, plans, ideas, inspirations and resolutions forward and activate them. Activation means taking action, moving forward and being present. 

We find ourselves wanting to be more, to accomplish more, to express more and to be more engaged in our lives. We get inspired by all the possibilities and all the beauty around us; we feel the great presence of creative energy. This only means, that our bodies and souls are activated and open to transmit and receive, all the information we need to grow, to be better, braver, stronger and heal ourselves.

The great challenge of one, is to handle all that has been neglected, hidden or stored away conveniently that will not just go away or magically disappear on their own. The key here is to be brave. It is easy to hide things under the rug and we all have done it, but what if instead of hiding we opened up and shared our thoughts? The opposite of activation is stagnation - the feeling of being stuck and not being motivated enough to make progress. That is when discipline is in demand, when we need to talk ourselves out of the tendency to sink into negative feelings and succumb to shadow. By searching inside and talking to ourselves about anything, then we can talk ourselves out of anything. 

There is not an easy way out and no manuals. Just intentions:

- Clear and neutralize negativity
- Search for beauty everywhere, even in the smallest things
- Adopt a 'can do' attitude for what you wish to achieve
- Be around what inspires you
- Make an action plan and 'commit' to it
- Take a moment to pause, stay still and breathe
- Be more active, start improving your physical health

Let go of what no longer serves you and activate all that does. 

Goals and resolutions are good, but you need to close a door before you open a new one. If something doesn't work out or has been falling apart for sometime, then try to focus on the positive aspect and not on the negative; through this, slowly you will deactivate it. 

There is so much to be learned by all that surrounds us, everything and everyone is unique. Open up and tune into the beauty of the world, the water, the sun, the earth, the music and all that makes you happy.