Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gather and release

There are some days every now and then, that offer us the opportunity to reset, go within and plant new seeds of intention that we would like to cultivate for our future. On these days, it is an excellent time to clean out the closets, revamp our daily routines and make happiness and health our priority. 

We are shaped by the places we inhabit, both individually and collectively. Our bodily rhythms, our moods, cycles of creativity and stillness and even our thoughts are readily engaged and influenced by shifting patterns in the land. The land that includes us has its own articulations, its own contours and rhythms that must be acknowledged if the land is to breathe and flourish.Such patterns, for instance are those traced by the rivers as they wind their way to the coast, or by a mountain range that rises like a back bone from the plains, its ridges halting the passage of clouds that gather and release the rains on one side of the range, leaving the other slope dry and desert like. 

Only as we come closer to our senses and begin to trust, once again, the nuanced intelligence of our sensing bodies do we begin to notice and respond to the subtle callings of the land. Only when we slip beneath the human logic continually imposed upon the earth do we catch site of this other, older logic at work in the world.

As we touch the bark of a tree, we feel the tree touching us; as we lend our ears to the local sounds, the terrain gradually tunes us in in turn. Life is helping each of us align with our highest potentials whether we are conscious of it or not. We can unleash our highly creative energies for the betterment of our life, the collective and the planet. There's always a meaning in life. We just need to trust life and look for the meaning.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The invisible threads

We are living in powerful times. Strong winds of change are rising and we can feel them. These wings are fluttering our feathers but they are trying to give rise to our wings so that we may learn to fly. We are multidimensional, energetic beings living in an energetic universe. This is the time to integrate this knowledge into our everyday experiences. We must expand and transform the collective thinking to integrate a vision of our world that is more expanded.

By acknowledging and recognizing the truth of who we really are, we can begin to see life in a different way and as a result change the way we have been experiencing it. Go with the force that calls us to live actualized, to manifest our dreams, to live believing, co-creating the life we desire. 

Spend time sending blessings and prayers to those you wish great things for... wrap them in your light and love and hold a high vision for them. 

It's time to choose to live without fear and liberate ourselves from the confines of limited thinking. Connect to source and feel the earth beneath our feet, feel our self supported, connected, part of something greater. Remember who we are. Step into that great being inside us that is boundless, that knows the freedom. Feel the joy and the magic of abiding in our energy, in our truth, which is without form, limitless and eternal.

Like a snake shedding its skin as a form of renewal, we must also shed the layers that are ready thus bringing a rebirth, allowing a new skin to emerge. We need to allow the healing light of awareness to penetrate the dark areas of our existence. We must give ourselves permission to heal and move forward in our life. The road ahead is challenging. It has many peaks and troughs as it winds onwards into our future. Let's take each other's hand and walk it together, each with our own load that we need to shed as we go. My issues may be different to yours but they are issues none the less and the more we can each accept the other for what we are, in all our flawed humanity, the better able we will be to recognise and respond to the bright potential that lives at the heart of each one of us.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

For Love, Beauty and Salt

It begins with a spark, a supernova in the night, short, brilliant and inspiring. Then, it becomes a siren song luring you into deep and uncharted waters. Falling in love... This brilliant fever dream that scorches through you and burns you up from the inside out, this thing that you can't name and it keeps you chasing after the promise of more. A promise that can begin with a kiss. A kiss where in a single moment, you can experience the tempestuous change of season: a shift in hues, air alive with electricity of rainstorms, a blossoming. 

As I write this post, sinking into my papasan chair, I feel like I can taste spring; the joy of gardens come to live on my lips. There are days like this, where I find it almost impossible not to dwell amid perfumed bouquets of color, not to become one with everything that has ever lived or will ever live here.

Today I felt the need to write about love and beauty. When I write about beauty, I see the eyes of all the people I love - tri-colored eyes at least, even in moderation; once a gradient of green and blue, shifting like a shallow sea bed under changing light, now chestnut, then orange... I really mean orange. Have you ever seen orange in someone's eyes? The orange I see turns into a smile, pure and clear and full of love. A warm orange light, like lazy summer sun, falling on my cheeks. 

Feel the love, the light and the beauty that surrounds us and be grateful; then, take a moment in silence, close your eyes and take a break from what you do just for a few minutes. Bring back to your memory playful summer days and smell the salt of sea and the salt that lives in your skin as the two mingle in your hair, silvering the tips; Inhabit this forest of follicles, sparkling with tiny, crystalline flakes. Make a thought and a wish and this covenant of salt you've created will preserve it. Then whenever you bring back this thought, or this wish you'll transform this saline moment into beauty and maybe that will help you get where you want to be. Make room in your life to find ways to preserve in your own 'salt' the truth, the love, the light, the hope, the dream, the smile, the memories and they will last forever and give you nourishment in times of need. 

Immortalize a kiss, capture that beauty and let yourself love and be loved. Live life in color.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Inner Freedom

Waking up today I took a moment to send a strong root down into Mother Earth and draw up a little of her feminine power, her creativity and her fertility. I wanted to start my day by taking love and nature's nourishing gifts into my heart and infuse them in my physical body. After doing that, I felt free even in the midst of perceived restrictions on my freedom. We all have an untamed spirit inside us and that is our Inner Freedom. Our Inner Freedom, helps us transcend into higher realms of consciousness, so we can overcome struggles and find that deep truth, that ecstasy, that liberation we are all looking for. By honoring the priceless value of both sharing and receiving truth with an open heart and an expansive mind, will help us enter the next phase where we choose radical change because we know it is the only way to fulfill our evolutionary potential. Being present for sensations that come from our connecting portals into our physical bodies does that for us - our eyes, ears, taste buds, noses, tactile and motion sensors, nervous systems, our gut reactions, intuition - all these senses help anchor us to this physical reality.

We always have a choice and there will always be different forces and factors which influence it; we should replace decisions with true interactions with what is in front of us. Decisions come because we have attachments, desires and fears. Our life is not a single event, it is a process. Knowing what we don't want is part of getting where we most want to be in life. We can all get scared when trying something new. It is natural to be afraid. Taking the basics along - our passion, our vision, our awareness, our values, our self-confidence and our love, we'll never fail. The whole story does not have to be written yet- if we start moving towards our visions and goals the story will practically write itself. Everything is new and anything is possible. Change is always a bit scary, even welcomed change and sometimes we might fear losing control over it all and making a mess of things. Making a mess isn't failure but experimentation. We need to embrace our new visions. Nurture this new story just as we would our children until they grow beyond us and nurture us. All it takes it is courage. Being brave doesn't mean that we can't feel afraid. It means, we have the courage to step beyond our fears and do it anyway. Real transformation begins when you embrace your problems as agents for growth.

I am now closing my eyes, breathe deeply and take one small step towards my personal change. Since my day has started by taking in the gifts of the Earth, I focus on these: loving the Mother, thanking her, honoring her, recognizing her awesome power and heart-wrenching beauty. As I do this, I bring myself back home, to the well, extricated from future fantasy and self-deception into a vibrant, earthed relationship with the circumstances of my life and all beings within it. In the present moment, I feel earthed and grounded, ready to receive the deepest guidance from the divine within. 

All we need to do is love it all; winter, spring, summer or fall. Boom, clap, smash, laugh or cry... and move forward, move in or move out. Dream again, push again, go again, love again - love endlessly.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Gone with the wind

We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, stricken, injured by all things unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown. 

We all agree that this is a new time with new possibilities and yet the clarity of what's to come is just beyond our reach. These times are amazing, unsettled, a bit overwhelming and quite confusing, scary yet beautiful and full of new opportunities. The key is to embrace what is new and different and allow it to integrate into our lives in some way. Let go of old expectations or the way we thought things should have been. Now, it's the time to dream bigger and move beyond the limitations of what we always thought possible. 

Forgiving the past is never easy, but we must forgive, so we can allow for the good things that are showing up in our life to take root in a new alignment. It is time to create, recall, redefine all relationships: with ourselves, each other and our environment both near and far. We simply cannot go it alone. Only by facing who and what we are we can change and bring change. We have to know all the raw materials that makes us who we are so we can use them wisely on this long exciting journey. 

Listen to your inner voice of your loving heart and then problems or difficulties, once seen and confronted will float away like the morning mists on a lake. You no longer have to wait for love and abundance to find you, open your eyes to see and your ears to listen; the truth now is you are found. The circle will come full when every human can see the beauty within the self, as well as in all others.

London has been very windy in the past few days. Take this opportunity to relax into the wind and this curious wind storm. Stand still and let them pass, not making any decisions until the water is dried from your eyes and the wind has calmed down. Wait for the calm after the storm, the dead silence after a clap of thunder - it is in that calm that you will find the guidance from the forces we so often feel are outside ourselves. It is not outside yourself, it is yourself. This force is what spirit guides are - representatives of that place of clear intuition within us that can stay calm and on center even as thunderous events comes to ignite fear, doubt and pain. Staying in your center is the task at hand - nothing more, nothing less. Flow with the collective movement toward the greater good that is unfolding now on Planet Earth, stronger than ever before.

Give yourself permission to unzip your humanness and let your lightbody out to play. Be formless, just pure energy.