Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pain. Nurturance. Intention into Motion.

Your physical self is fine today. You woke up this morning, had a fresh orange juice and a good stretch. Common sense, would say that you're fine - but common sense can be wrong. Tiredness, emotional exhaustion, depression, anger, worry, grief among other things can be the pillars of everyday wear and tear of the Psyche which is equally as important as the physical self.

When a person is constantly stressed by emotional pain, there are a few changes in the body that can create a dependency on stress-related chemistry. Negative emotions and thoughts can be so habitual that you cannot live without them. There are habitual patterns in pain - like smoking or alcohol.

Nurturance, acknowledgment, encouragement and patience are essential. You cannot help yourself or another from a place of anger, criticism and guilt. It's all about addressing each feeling and finding a suitable positive replacement. Instead of chaos use self discipline, nurturance over deprivation. It's OK to say no to things, don't increase your stress levels by trying to meet the extra demands on your time; protect and manage the time you have. Breathe deeply - deep breathing adds oxygen to the bloodstream and helps clear the mind. Get up and move, take a break and go for a walk outside to get some fresh air - it will help stabilising stress hormones and restore the body and mind to a much calmer state.

Personally, when I am having a difficult day, I try to incorporate nature in visualising my intention. I feel like this way I am bringing in powerful creative forces that invoke and ignite different types of energy and freedom. What represents freedom for you? Utilizing nature can bring in abundance elevated emotions such as love, happiness, kindness and gratitude - in the long run these emotions can help building a more naturally sustained order and coherence in our life, transforming our intention into motion.