Monday, 16 February 2015

Inspiration makes us better

Inspiration makes us better, moves our emotions, our intellect, our behavior. Every relationship needs inspiration. We need to be influenced to feel happiness and love, influenced to care for someone other than ourselves, influenced to better ourselves while we try to better all that surrounds us. Inspiration is like a seed, it can grow wildly and quickly, it can spread throughout the surface and when it truly works we feed off of each other, we make each other better, we try new things and pursue higher heights.

Nature teaches us what goes up must come down, what is full gets emptied, what is emptied gets filled. We are on a constant wheel. We are constantly moving. We need to make room for inspiration in our lives; allow it to light our spirit's fire and let this joy take many forms, leaving tears and sadness behind for the warmth of love and creation. Life is always behind us, supporting us. Everything that comes to us and goes away from us is supporting our expansion of consciousness. 

It is time to seek out an inspired vision, one that is ignited by others also catching fire with ideas and enthusiasm. We will then become something bigger than ourselves, while also sensing our unique mission, gifts to share. Stepping forth into the unknown not only demands courage and steadfastness but faith in the force inside us that guides our evolutionary steps.

Each of us is being called to rise into our innate power and potential. The key is to trust that we are equipped with the inner resources we need to get through the challenges before us. Initiate. Be the force. Be the creative one. Be inspiring. Release and keep opening and you will see with new eyes the magic that already surrounds you in this world, in this life.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Creating today

Life is a process of learning to let go. If you ride on a train that does not take you where you want to go, get off the train and take one that takes you where you want to go. Be free. Be grateful and with your presence bless everything around you. Make room for happiness. Do not linger over unhappiness. 

Take some time to just sit and contemplate, be in nature and honor the space between the past and the future as being right in the present where everything and nothing exist at the same time. Create a connection with nature and practice the acceptance of being in the right place no matter what it feels like. The more you can stay in a place of real peace, the stronger you will become. Occupy your centre and you'll be strong like a true force of nature.

Rather than trying to force things to fit a new picture of what you want, give yourself permission to release its hold on form and just be formless - just pure energy. In this place, you also become pure energy moving in and through all substance.Then allow things in your life to either adjust to that picture or not. Focus on how you want to feel. Invest in something that is truly meaningful to you.

The path in front of us is not static. Nothing remains the same, not even the obstacles. We are multidimensional - constantly shifting into higher octaves of light beings. Let's create today as we want it, don't let the world or other people decide. Don't be run by an outmoded view you may have formed last year or last month. Ask within daily to discover your present time needs, what may be missing from the equation and how to remedy. Make room for happiness. Dream different thoughts. Be powerful and not powerless. Connect more deeply with your intuition that will be guiding the discovery of your own truth. Acknowledge yourself and be in gratitude. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Embracing the unknown

There is a time, in everyone’s lifetime when we begin to feel a yearning for something else. Something new to us, that we do not quite understand, but we know this yearning has little to do with all the experiences we have lived until this point. Trying to put this feeling into words we might describe it as a deep need to get somewhere, and yet we do not quite know where this place is or how to get there. This is the starting point of a search that is honorable and sincere.

I have started my journey from the east; the east is where the sun rises, and the sun brings us knowledge, the essence of spirituality. Without knowledge, we become ignorant and cause harm to others and ourselves too. The sun’s energy behaving like a tree as it spreads out from the sun and is captured by plants and grass that once again turns green gives me inspiration and direction. Each day something else is green again, something else flowers, something shoots up out of the soil. During our journey, we are slowly waking up from a long winter’s dream, as we watch the world around us turn green and colorful again. We stretch our bodies into shape, wanting to branch out, to connect with the sky and the spirits. Life wants to be a part of life, to touch life in all its forms.

As I walk through the woods or sit by the river or take one last look at the sky before going to bed I take a moment to block out sound, I mean just not pay attention to it. This way, I can hear the silence around me, feel it; and it appears that silence always does seem to wait. Like it was there before me as was waiting for me to tune out the sounds of the world and listen to it. Silence waits, for its time to return or re-appear and sometimes waits for me to let it return. Silence is as important to creation as it is to music, where individual notes and chords are only discernible because of the moments of silence between them.

What I have realized so far is that you don’t need to know all the details and all the facts. All you need to know is that you are on a warrior’s journey, a journey where you don’t know the nature of the obstacles but you created scenarios to bear so that you could overcome them. Embrace the unknown with relish and a great paradox will happen. You will end up know what you thought you did not know. You will remember.