Monday, 9 February 2015

Creating today

Life is a process of learning to let go. If you ride on a train that does not take you where you want to go, get off the train and take one that takes you where you want to go. Be free. Be grateful and with your presence bless everything around you. Make room for happiness. Do not linger over unhappiness. 

Take some time to just sit and contemplate, be in nature and honor the space between the past and the future as being right in the present where everything and nothing exist at the same time. Create a connection with nature and practice the acceptance of being in the right place no matter what it feels like. The more you can stay in a place of real peace, the stronger you will become. Occupy your centre and you'll be strong like a true force of nature.

Rather than trying to force things to fit a new picture of what you want, give yourself permission to release its hold on form and just be formless - just pure energy. In this place, you also become pure energy moving in and through all substance.Then allow things in your life to either adjust to that picture or not. Focus on how you want to feel. Invest in something that is truly meaningful to you.

The path in front of us is not static. Nothing remains the same, not even the obstacles. We are multidimensional - constantly shifting into higher octaves of light beings. Let's create today as we want it, don't let the world or other people decide. Don't be run by an outmoded view you may have formed last year or last month. Ask within daily to discover your present time needs, what may be missing from the equation and how to remedy. Make room for happiness. Dream different thoughts. Be powerful and not powerless. Connect more deeply with your intuition that will be guiding the discovery of your own truth. Acknowledge yourself and be in gratitude. 

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  1. "The path in front of us, is not static"

    'nuff said.