Thursday, 12 March 2015

Silence, give us voice

Stop for a moment - in silence. To appreciate how far you have traveled, in a relatively short period of time. But, also stop, to acknowledge those places in your mind and heart still in need of healing. Our psyche is incredibly complex and healing takes time as we work through layer upon layer of mental, emotional and psychic energy that has been solid for years, trying to find that fluidity we've lost along the way.

Life is pushing us. Each day we face new obstacles and new challenges.This is a time to keep our focus, our intention on our prime direction. So be on it - be alert.Take some time for yourself and detach a little bit. Breathe in and out and feel the presence of the peaceful warrior inside you, get some space and really look at things from all sides, from all angles.

The magic word is 'try'. Try and observe your mind and heart open. Be curious about life. Be engaged in the magic of the moment. Be in your heart. Nourish and protect your childlike innocence and be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Let go of the need to criticize and judge. Don't let this or anything kill your creativity. Instead allow yourself to make mistakes. It is the only way to learn what serves you and what doesn't serve you.

Be a force of good in the world. All things are possible when you trust your instincts. Liberate the mind first and freedom will follow. Stop for a moment in silence to find your voice again.

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