Thursday, 19 March 2015

Time takes care of the wounds

Today, take some time to look back in your life, go back one, two, or three years. How different is your life now? How different are you now? When in times of crisis, perhaps feeling powerless, you've had to rise to the occasion and thereby become empowered. But in life, there's also other times when although you've done all you could, tried hard, given your best, you didn't get to your chosen destination. It takes courage to turn inward and get honest about what you are really feeling and acknowledge your emotions after your journey didn't take you where you hope it would. 

The road to finding happiness is tough and if we use all the energy of the battles won and lost to let our minds be filled with high ideals, new dreams of wonders and miracles, we'll have the emotional fuel to help create a new era, for ourselves and others too. There are countless futures which exist at the same time for us. Our own behavior determines which of these futures we enter.

Time takes care of the wounds and one must take time to retreat to be nourished and rejuvenate before he can begin again. Nurture your own 'shine'. Think of yourself as a growing plant. A plant puts forth beautiful blooms when it has the energy to do so. The more it is fed, the less energy it needs for growth. If at any point our personal growth requires too much effort, we must try to find the needed nourishment. The river of life can take us to many places, we shouldn't expect to be on, creative and productive all the time. We must learn how our own light needs to be nourished and supported.

Be grateful for every journey we take no matter how simple or difficult it is. We learn. We grow. Gratitude can be absolutely transformational. Shifting perspective from playing the victim or constantly ''taking'' from life, to being grateful for  each moment as they pass, can dramatically shift not only how you show up in life, but also how life shows up for you. 

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