Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Modern Nomad

I believe in the freedom of spirit, the power of speech and the ability to change direction at anytime given. I've personally changed directions many times in my life. Will I ever stop? I don't know that. Maybe not. But why should I? Redefining who we are in modern times, has become a part of the norm and phrases like 'reinventing yourself' make more sense now than ever.

If I see myself as an ever changing entity, I could reconstruct my present as many times as I please within my own boundaries but essentially, I'd still be the same in my very own core. A new age Nomad, trying to find a tribe or just trying to create one that would welcome others to join in.

As I grow older, my needs change with me and I am looking forward to welcome more changes and many new ways of thinking and living in the present as a consequence. Simple pleasures, are more meaningful to me now - more than ever if I may say and I cherish and value every single one of them.

Spirituality is something that has become necessary in my everyday life and helps me find the light through difficult times; I sometimes ask myself - is it just a superfluous tool for integration and fulfilment? I feel very strongly that we should just let the Earth and Nature heal us but we also need to devote ourselves to the healing of the Earth. We breathe with the trees, we take vibrations from their roots, we feed off of them. The journey of spirituality always redirects us back to our self: we are children of the Earth after all.

When we embrace problems as agents for growth, we begin the real transformation. Not protecting ourselves, can be really beneficial and liberating when it's used wisely. We can remove the root cause of disturbance inside us, free ourselves by simply acknowledging its existence. I am not the work I do, or the pain I feel - I am the one who notices these things and asks questions and takes actions and risks. When our consciousness is separated and aware of these things freedom can be achieved, and freeing yourself means finding yourself.

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