Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Change of Direction

Today, Tuesday 29th March, I am sat in my East London flat with my phone on my right, a cup of Earl Grey on my left and a book to read in front of me. Looking at the book cover, I take a pause and a deep breath to realise once again, that we all are Didos, Almas, Emmas, Juliets, Miss Havishams, Cornelias, Electras and the list goes on and on.

I find it very easy to romanticise about artists and their tragic heroines, but as an artist and a woman I refuse to accept and digest why (in most cases) the female is the unstable one, the one unable to make choices, the fragile one, the deceived one, the foolish one. In a society where women are still under scrutiny and often shamed because of their hormonal changes, how do we take back the power? Is the need to please the others affecting our inner voice?

My personal path has led me to the conclusion that we need to remember the teachings of the ancient tribe mothers and their sense of self, the strength that comes through sisterhood and the challenge to become leaders by example. As more women take their roles in the modern world of corporations and business, they often find themselves losing touch with the feminine and therefore their voice. It is more important than ever to value the needs of one, work on the weaknesses, embrace the imperfections, stop pleasing the others just for a temporary fix of safety and security and accept that not everyone is going to like you and that's OK. If we maintain the understanding of who we are, we can support and nurture the development of the female aspect in our male counterparts.

Instead of being the tragic heroines, we can be the writers of our own story  and / or our sisters' stories. Spiritual empowerment is like giving birth to a child - you dilate and contract, it's a rhythm, a natural flow. Quiet time alone is key here, contemplation, a centering line of thought or reading, a physical activity, even arranging a bowl of flowers in the afternoon can give a sense of quiet on a busy day. Turn inward for strength and reach out to grab the hands of those who will always be there for you. Look for Love and Be Love.

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