Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Breaking the pattern

Summer is finally here and one way or another, we've made it safe and sound. It feels like June is the perfect time to do nice things for yourself and others, to take a break from the routine and do something different, for this helps to bring refreshment and renewal for the soul.

Travelling to York on Saturday, I had a lot of time on the train to think that when you give love to yourself, love given to others comes easily and flows unobstructed from a free from all restrains soul. Finding your own path through the perplexities and challenges of life can make life experience interesting but most worthwhile and this is when most new revelations come into view and writing these down is extremely helpful to record for later perusal, reflection and contemplation.

There are always a lot of challenging events in one's life, I personally, get through by sending light and prayers into those situations. Sometimes, old world thought patterns and values can resurface, which can be limiting and bring the energy down, but it is very important to clear all these from our consciousness for they do not serve us. These patterns can be replaced with nourishing and life enhancing thoughts and habits which reinforce those concepts that help you move into the life you always dreamed of having. Let go of all that holds you back from the life you are meant to live.

Spend your time blessing everyone and everything around you. 

What you send out to into the Universe, is reflected back to you and when you are living and embodying the higher and greater vision of your life, you are enabling those around you to do the same. Always keep in mind that your energy field extends many miles in all directions and dimensions and touches all of life within that field.

There will always be many who are still influenced and affected by the lower energies of older cycles and what happens when you direct your attention into the new thought patterns of kindness, generosity, sharing, caring abundance and prosperity on a daily basis is the resetting and renewing of the consciousness of humanity.

We are the ones who break the patterns and also the one who make them. We are creating the world as we move along through our daily existence. Take responsibility of your own actions, of all that you create on a daily basis, the glorious new world would be manifest much more quickly. Let the well of life within you run freely, you must not allow it to run dry; renew it with zest and enthusiasm on a regular basis. Recharge your batteries and fuel your life with love and light. Break the pattern and make your own one. Inspire, those around you to do the same. Open your soul's window and let the light in. Glow, sparkle and fall in light.

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