Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Making a home for kindness

Reach out forward into the unknown. The world can be negative and harsh, but if we remain patient, generous and open, kindness will reveal itself.  

Kindness is one of the beautiful children of our Psyche; it is open minded, wants nothing back from itself and has infinite respect for the miracle of all life. Kindness, helps us activate our compassion in every area and dimension of life, a force that longs to be invoked by us to help transform all things that do no longer serve us.  

Make a home for kindness in your heart. Notice what thoughts create tension, anxiety or depression and choose to release them. Relax the habits of the past and awaken to the reality of your own spiritual presence. Create your world in love through the action of your open, beautiful and radiant heart.

Should you perceive a problem, surround it will love. Define it's existence in love. Sometimes problems are caused by lack of love. Only with love and kindness you introduce the understanding that can provide you with answers and solutions. Understanding, kindness and compassion, dissolve the fears. There is release, relief and a return to joy. 

There is always a turning point in your personal growth / transformation process - when the fixed mind surrenders and triggers a huge expansion in the consciousness of the heart, body and soul. 

Ultimately, kindness is a series of choices, a moment by moment conscious turning away from that which will harm your spirit toward that which will nourish and sustain you. Look at yourself and others with kindness, with a conscious awareness of your sufferings and in time, with a deep appreciation for the way you have transformed them.

Be the Changemaker, the Stormbringer, the Starwalker and spread your divine light across the universe.

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