Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Following the music trail

Discovery was the reason why I am here. On the train to Arundel last week, I've been reminded to slow down, enjoy life with nature and the beautiful people around me. Surrounded by majestic trees and all shades of green, my spirit was instantaneously lifted and the wonder of nature was the most rejuvenating thing my spirit had felt for a while. Getting off the train, I took a deep breath in, shut everything that didn't serve me off and transferred my mind to a place of clarity and light. 

Unearth the land, chase the sun, run with the wolves - that's what the spirits told me and my ears danced with the sound of palpitating leaves. ...then I was ready to play music.

All these years being a musician and a listener I have searched for music that increased my ability to vibrate and feel. When music makes you want to dance, you are open to receive more divine light. When music touches your heart, you are opening to receive love. When music unleashes your sensuality and passion, you are becoming more alive. When music helps you express anger and rage you are opening to make room for change and transformation. Music also produces that resonance which vibrates through the whole being. It lifts thought above the denseness of matter; it almost turns matter into spirit, into its original and pure condition, through the harmony of vibrations touching every single strand of one's whole being. Music is vibration. Music brings the people together. 

In the pursuit of a more balanced and harmonious life, tune in to nature, turn within and connect with your own divine essence. You can't go wrong if you do. Rise up like the break of dawn. Follow your own star.

I am finishing today's post with a poetic insight from Jamie Sams and her book that was based on Native American creeds and legends  'Earth Medicine: Ancestors Way of Harmony for many Moons'

''Spark of inspiration,
Light my spirit's fire, 
Let the joy of creation
Be my heart's desire.
Let me flow with the music, 
Let me dance with my dreams alive,
Let me sing my deepest feelings
Until the whole world thrives.
Exploding into expression, 
My joy takes many forms, 
Leaving the tears and sadness
For the warmth of tender arms.
Hold me, sweet Earth mother,
Soft against your breast, 
That I might share the ecstasy
Of my creation's best''

Love, Light and Music.

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