Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Gone with the wind

We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, stricken, injured by all things unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown. 

We all agree that this is a new time with new possibilities and yet the clarity of what's to come is just beyond our reach. These times are amazing, unsettled, a bit overwhelming and quite confusing, scary yet beautiful and full of new opportunities. The key is to embrace what is new and different and allow it to integrate into our lives in some way. Let go of old expectations or the way we thought things should have been. Now, it's the time to dream bigger and move beyond the limitations of what we always thought possible. 

Forgiving the past is never easy, but we must forgive, so we can allow for the good things that are showing up in our life to take root in a new alignment. It is time to create, recall, redefine all relationships: with ourselves, each other and our environment both near and far. We simply cannot go it alone. Only by facing who and what we are we can change and bring change. We have to know all the raw materials that makes us who we are so we can use them wisely on this long exciting journey. 

Listen to your inner voice of your loving heart and then problems or difficulties, once seen and confronted will float away like the morning mists on a lake. You no longer have to wait for love and abundance to find you, open your eyes to see and your ears to listen; the truth now is you are found. The circle will come full when every human can see the beauty within the self, as well as in all others.

London has been very windy in the past few days. Take this opportunity to relax into the wind and this curious wind storm. Stand still and let them pass, not making any decisions until the water is dried from your eyes and the wind has calmed down. Wait for the calm after the storm, the dead silence after a clap of thunder - it is in that calm that you will find the guidance from the forces we so often feel are outside ourselves. It is not outside yourself, it is yourself. This force is what spirit guides are - representatives of that place of clear intuition within us that can stay calm and on center even as thunderous events comes to ignite fear, doubt and pain. Staying in your center is the task at hand - nothing more, nothing less. Flow with the collective movement toward the greater good that is unfolding now on Planet Earth, stronger than ever before.

Give yourself permission to unzip your humanness and let your lightbody out to play. Be formless, just pure energy.

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