Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Inner Freedom

Waking up today I took a moment to send a strong root down into Mother Earth and draw up a little of her feminine power, her creativity and her fertility. I wanted to start my day by taking love and nature's nourishing gifts into my heart and infuse them in my physical body. After doing that, I felt free even in the midst of perceived restrictions on my freedom. We all have an untamed spirit inside us and that is our Inner Freedom. Our Inner Freedom, helps us transcend into higher realms of consciousness, so we can overcome struggles and find that deep truth, that ecstasy, that liberation we are all looking for. By honoring the priceless value of both sharing and receiving truth with an open heart and an expansive mind, will help us enter the next phase where we choose radical change because we know it is the only way to fulfill our evolutionary potential. Being present for sensations that come from our connecting portals into our physical bodies does that for us - our eyes, ears, taste buds, noses, tactile and motion sensors, nervous systems, our gut reactions, intuition - all these senses help anchor us to this physical reality.

We always have a choice and there will always be different forces and factors which influence it; we should replace decisions with true interactions with what is in front of us. Decisions come because we have attachments, desires and fears. Our life is not a single event, it is a process. Knowing what we don't want is part of getting where we most want to be in life. We can all get scared when trying something new. It is natural to be afraid. Taking the basics along - our passion, our vision, our awareness, our values, our self-confidence and our love, we'll never fail. The whole story does not have to be written yet- if we start moving towards our visions and goals the story will practically write itself. Everything is new and anything is possible. Change is always a bit scary, even welcomed change and sometimes we might fear losing control over it all and making a mess of things. Making a mess isn't failure but experimentation. We need to embrace our new visions. Nurture this new story just as we would our children until they grow beyond us and nurture us. All it takes it is courage. Being brave doesn't mean that we can't feel afraid. It means, we have the courage to step beyond our fears and do it anyway. Real transformation begins when you embrace your problems as agents for growth.

I am now closing my eyes, breathe deeply and take one small step towards my personal change. Since my day has started by taking in the gifts of the Earth, I focus on these: loving the Mother, thanking her, honoring her, recognizing her awesome power and heart-wrenching beauty. As I do this, I bring myself back home, to the well, extricated from future fantasy and self-deception into a vibrant, earthed relationship with the circumstances of my life and all beings within it. In the present moment, I feel earthed and grounded, ready to receive the deepest guidance from the divine within. 

All we need to do is love it all; winter, spring, summer or fall. Boom, clap, smash, laugh or cry... and move forward, move in or move out. Dream again, push again, go again, love again - love endlessly.

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