Thursday, 21 May 2015

For Love, Beauty and Salt

It begins with a spark, a supernova in the night, short, brilliant and inspiring. Then, it becomes a siren song luring you into deep and uncharted waters. Falling in love... This brilliant fever dream that scorches through you and burns you up from the inside out, this thing that you can't name and it keeps you chasing after the promise of more. A promise that can begin with a kiss. A kiss where in a single moment, you can experience the tempestuous change of season: a shift in hues, air alive with electricity of rainstorms, a blossoming. 

As I write this post, sinking into my papasan chair, I feel like I can taste spring; the joy of gardens come to live on my lips. There are days like this, where I find it almost impossible not to dwell amid perfumed bouquets of color, not to become one with everything that has ever lived or will ever live here.

Today I felt the need to write about love and beauty. When I write about beauty, I see the eyes of all the people I love - tri-colored eyes at least, even in moderation; once a gradient of green and blue, shifting like a shallow sea bed under changing light, now chestnut, then orange... I really mean orange. Have you ever seen orange in someone's eyes? The orange I see turns into a smile, pure and clear and full of love. A warm orange light, like lazy summer sun, falling on my cheeks. 

Feel the love, the light and the beauty that surrounds us and be grateful; then, take a moment in silence, close your eyes and take a break from what you do just for a few minutes. Bring back to your memory playful summer days and smell the salt of sea and the salt that lives in your skin as the two mingle in your hair, silvering the tips; Inhabit this forest of follicles, sparkling with tiny, crystalline flakes. Make a thought and a wish and this covenant of salt you've created will preserve it. Then whenever you bring back this thought, or this wish you'll transform this saline moment into beauty and maybe that will help you get where you want to be. Make room in your life to find ways to preserve in your own 'salt' the truth, the love, the light, the hope, the dream, the smile, the memories and they will last forever and give you nourishment in times of need. 

Immortalize a kiss, capture that beauty and let yourself love and be loved. Live life in color.

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