Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gather and release

There are some days every now and then, that offer us the opportunity to reset, go within and plant new seeds of intention that we would like to cultivate for our future. On these days, it is an excellent time to clean out the closets, revamp our daily routines and make happiness and health our priority. 

We are shaped by the places we inhabit, both individually and collectively. Our bodily rhythms, our moods, cycles of creativity and stillness and even our thoughts are readily engaged and influenced by shifting patterns in the land. The land that includes us has its own articulations, its own contours and rhythms that must be acknowledged if the land is to breathe and flourish.Such patterns, for instance are those traced by the rivers as they wind their way to the coast, or by a mountain range that rises like a back bone from the plains, its ridges halting the passage of clouds that gather and release the rains on one side of the range, leaving the other slope dry and desert like. 

Only as we come closer to our senses and begin to trust, once again, the nuanced intelligence of our sensing bodies do we begin to notice and respond to the subtle callings of the land. Only when we slip beneath the human logic continually imposed upon the earth do we catch site of this other, older logic at work in the world.

As we touch the bark of a tree, we feel the tree touching us; as we lend our ears to the local sounds, the terrain gradually tunes us in in turn. Life is helping each of us align with our highest potentials whether we are conscious of it or not. We can unleash our highly creative energies for the betterment of our life, the collective and the planet. There's always a meaning in life. We just need to trust life and look for the meaning.

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